Monday, June 30, 2014

Savage Street Food Series Part II: Betty La Buena Chilaquiles, Flautas and More!

The Place: Betty La Buena: Chilaquiles, Flautas and More!

The Experience: Just steps away from the main entrance of Infonavit in the Guadalupe Inn if you squint your eyes hard enough you will see past a magazine stand either a red or white "combi" as the traditional VW campers are called in Mexico, this is where one of the real street food jewels of Mexico City resides.

From behind the sliding doors of this combi (the red one is the Gringo's favorite as it has a great Pro-USA Peace Symbol on the dash) Betty serves mountainous tortas to the thousands of nearby office workers on a daily basis ... but what really stands out are the absolutely exquisite "flautas de pollo" (chicken taquitos) served every Wednesday morning and her now extremely popular "chilaquiles" (tortilla chips covered in salsa, cream and meat) served on Fridays.

First lets talk about the flautas. The tortillas are first filled with about an inch of packed and compressed cooked chicken breast then they are fried until perfectly golden and crispy. Betty then waits for her customer to arrive and then generously slathers on top a wonderfully spicy gaucamole with little chiletepín chiles mixed into it, then a layer of fresh cream and finally a layer of fresh "queso ranchero". These are the Gringo's single favorite flautas in the DF ... enough said!

Oh the chilaquiles, the chilaquiles. Betty's chilaquiles have become so famous that you can wait for up to an hour on Friday mornings to get your weekly dose, even after ordering them a day in advance. The wait is worth it. 

If anyone knows chilaquiles in Mexico City there are two types: soft ones where the tortilla has soaked in all of the sauce and crispy ones where the chips are nice and crispy under the blanket of sauce on top. Betty's are soft, and even though the Gringo prefers crispy; her neatly levelled chips, sauce, cream and beef/chicken are amazing. Betty reduces her sauce three or four times with habanero chiles to give it one of the most unique and exquisite street food flavors this Gringo has ever tried.

If you find yourself in or around the Guadalupe Inn on a weekday morning ... look for the Magic Combi!!

The Location: Gustavo E. Campa, almost intersection with Manuel M. Ponce, Colonia Guadalupe Inn, DF.

The Specials: Betty's most popular hits are by far her flautas on Wednesdays and chilaquiles on Fridays .... the line can really wrap around the corner when enough followers find the combi for their fix!

Tips: For both the chilaquiles and the flautas Betty has such a high demand that she asks her fans to order a full day in advance so that she can prepare enough for everyone. Don't forget to do this this or you won't get to try these tasty street treats.

Price Point: $

$: Takeout or fast food $$: Casual sit-down $$$: Formal sit-down $$$$: La Crème de La Crème

Website: None. This is the most basic of the basic ... a combi with amazing food.

Contact: Betty will be waiting for you behind those sliding doors ... 

Coming Next: Americana Series Part I: July 4th Gringo Hangout!

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