Thursday, June 12, 2014

A taste of Veracruz in the Roma Norte

The Place: La Veracruzana Fonda de Mariscos

The Experience: La Veracruzana occupies a small little pistacchio-colored "local" or "storefront" on a busy corner of the Roma Norte. It is a small place but is surprisingly airy and illuminated. The setting is casual sit-down and specializes in one thing ... very fresh Veracruz-style seafood prepared in a highly traditional, yet technical manner.

The smell of the food, particularly the slow cooked "caldo de camarón" or "shrimp broth", permeates the small restaurant with an inviting scent when you walk in. On weekends the  restaurant is always full and has that special healthy clamor that comes along with a good Mexican seafood joint.

All of the fish, shellfish, and specialty Veracruzana dishes are made fresh with ample portions. This little corner place is one of the more affordable, authentic and high quality seafood restaurants in the Roma/Condesa area.

If you want a taste of the Malecón de Veracruz in Mexico City ... this is the spot!

The Location: Medellín 198-B, intersection with Chiapas, Colonia Roma Norte, DF (directly behind the Plaza Insurgentes Shopping Mall ... which offers 1 hour courtesy parking for Veracruzana patrons).

The Specials: Plátanos Alvaradeños (plantains stuffed with seafood, a Gringo G fave), cóctel de camarónes para pelar (very, very large shrimps in cocktail form) and Pescado en Hoja Santa (Fish steamed inside of a green herb leaf). 

If you want something to drink La Veracruzana offers the tradtional "torito" which is a drink flavored with seasonal fruits mixed with real moonshine liquor or "aguardiente". The guanábana, guayaba (guava) and peanut flavors are excellent.

Tips: La Veracruzana has a daily workweek (M-F) three-course lunch menu offering very generous portions with a reasonably affordable 95-120 peso range cost. At that price you get major bang for your buck ... highly recommended if you work in the Roma or are around there at lunch or supper time (1pm-6pm).

Price Point: $$$

$: Takeout or fast food $$: Casual sit-down $$$: Formal sit-down $$$$: La Crème de La Crème

Website: La Veracruzana Google+ Page

Contact: Telephone - (55) 5574-0474

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