Wednesday, June 18, 2014

El Taguero: A Hybrid Taco-Juice Streetfood Experience - From your favorite Gringo G Mexico City Foodie

The Place: El Taguero: A Hybrid Taco-Juice Streetfood Experience

The Experience: Very few times in Mexico do you see a multi-tasking streetfood stand. Usually each stand will specialize in one thing and will only hawk its fares during a certain part of the day.

I am about to show you two streetfood hawkers that bring four different dishes to another level in Mexico City over this two part Savage Streetfood series from your favorite Gringo G Mexico City Foodie.

Our adventure begins with the Taguero who occupies a small corner of the Roma Sur (Don Epifanio for those that truly know him) who specializes in two very different things. In the mornings Don Epifanio is a Juguero and serves fresh squeezed, sweet and absurdly fresh orange juice to all of the office workers and locals alike.

Around midday Don Epifanio moves his stand back to his house a couple of blocks away and disappears until almost exactly 6pm every evening. That is when you can see him coming down the block with his taco stand ... which is constantly spewing out smoke from the smoker chamber like some kind of a taco-spitting dragon.

Once the Taquero (therefore the name TAGUERO a combination of Juguero and Taquero) expands his taco-dragon from a compact rolling cart into a full stand with lights, cilantro, fresh limes, onions, steaming hot fresh salsas (beware one of the two salsas is insanely spicy even by Mexican standards) and utensils ... a crowd has gathered from well-to-do business owners to ambulance drivers (see below) everyone starts making space for themselves and yelping orders for different parts of the cabeza.

El Taguero specializes in only one kind of taco: taco de cabeza (tacos from the head of the cow) .... OJOS (eye), SESOS SEÑOR (brains), LENGUA DON EPI (tongue) the orders keep on coming until he has sold the entire head's worth of tacos, which normally only takes two short hours.

If you are an aficionado of tacos de cabeza swing buy and try some tacos at 6pm or if you just want a juice one morning you need try out this corner stand!

The Location: Tehuantepec, intersection with Ures, Colonia Roma Sur, DF.

The Specials: Tacos de cabeza in from 6pm-8pm daily except Sundays and fresh-squeezed orange juice in the mornings plain and simple.

Tips: Don't show up late for the tacos or you will end up getting scraps!

Price Point: $

$: Takeout or fast food $$: Casual sit-down $$$: Formal sit-down $$$$: La Crème de La Crème

Website: None. This is the most basic of the basic ... a neighborhood street stand.

Contact: None. This is the most basic of the basic ... a neighborhood street stand.

Coming Next: Savage Street Food Series Part II: Betty La Buena

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