Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mexican Moonlight Dining Series Part II: Romita Comedor - Mexican Fine Dining with a Drink Under the Moonlit Sky!

The Place: Romita Comedor - Mexican Fine Dining with a Drink Under the Moonlit Sky!

The Experience: Gringo G, your favorite Gringo Mexico City Foodie Blog, in search of the best views of the famous October Harvest Moon (a Mexican legend states that the most stunning moonlight can be seen in October) decided to finally check out a popular, hip (almost hipster so if you don't like this then it might not be your cup of tea) restaurant with a very nice view of Porfirian Roma Norte and the nice moonlit October sky.

The atmosphere was vibrant with interesting music on with a lot of 90's classics taking over, a packed house with intelligent young professionals (mostly) and an amazing view of Avenida Álvaro Obregón from the expansive windows that encompass the entire outward facing wall of the restaurant ... it became even more lively when they retracted the roof and you could see the moonlit sky and some fireworks from a nearby festival or party.

The service was professional but not overbearing. The drinks were very creative with a nice selection of mezcal and tequila-based cocktails as well as gin and whiskey-based classics as well. The food was all creative and well-prepared, basically a nice mix between traditional Mexican fare and creative modern Mexican fare.

Overall this place is worth a look, particularly if you are looking to be seen in a very lively restaurant in one of D.F.s hippest areas!

The Location: Av. Álvaro Obregón 49, almost intersection with Mérida, Colonia Roma Norte, DF.


The Moonlit Dining Room

The Moonlit Sky from a Roma Rooftop

A Moonlit Facade and a Roma Rooftop Restaurant

The Specials: 

The grilled octopus and most of the Mexican-inspired fusion seafood are all excellent choices and seem to be the most popular dishes.

Almost all of the mixologist quality cocktails are excellent, creative and many have a nice Mexican twist like the "Meteorito" or Meteorite which is a mix of mezcal, ginger and chile. This drink was a new and exciting experience for Gringo G.

"Meteorito" or Meteorite: Mixed Drink with Mezcal, Ginger & Chile

Banana Wrap Empanadas filled with Black Beans & Topped with Ricotta Cheese

Grilled Octopus

Whiskey Sour

"Jaibas Rellenas" or Stuffed Crabs

"Raspado de Tamarindo" or Tamarind Iced Drink with Mezcal

Tips: The place is packed even on weeknights. You need to call and reserve a spot ahead of time. The Opentable page for Romita Comedor does not seem to be working, Gringo G recommends calling directly.

Price Point: $$$
$: Takeout or fast food $$: Casual sit-down $$$: Formal sit-down $$$$: La Crème de La Crème

Contact: Telephone - +52-55-5525-8975

Coming Next: Mexican Moonlight Dining Series Part III: Moonlight Dining with a MONUMENTAL view!

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