Monday, October 13, 2014

Mexican Moonlight Dining Series Part I: Bellini's - A bird's eye view of the moon!

The Place: Bellini's: A bird's eye view of the moon!

The Experience: Gringo G, your favorite Gringo Mexico City Foodie Blog, in search of the best views of the famous October Harvest Moon (a Mexican legend states that the most stunning moonlight can be seen in October) went to Bellini's restaurant towering 45 stories above the Colonia Nápoles. Bellini's not only has a view of the bright moon but also the entire panorama of Mexico City below.

Bellini's is the largest rotating restaurant in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records and offers panoramic views of the city lights, moonlit sky and when clear the city skyline during lunch service. The food has been improved over time in Gringo G's opinion and has now started to produce the high-end traditional international cuisine needed for a restaurant with this price tag. The highlights are the many lobster dishes, fish dishes and meat dishes prepared at your table-side (salted pompano, steak tartar and the dessert flambes come to mind).

With this exceptional view and carefully prepared food come a high price tag but if you are looking to impress on business or impress a date then this is a great option in Mexico City. Also there is usually live piano music to help set the mood.

The Location: World Trade Center México 45th Floor, Calle De Las Naciones, Colonia Nápoles, DF.


The View



Onion Soup a la Bellini's

The Mexican Classic "Noodle Soup"

Say Hello Mr. Lobster

Goat Milk Caramel Crepes ... Flambeed



The Specials: 

The live lobsters are an attraction worthy of the view in the restaurant. The massive Prime Rib that the Gringo dug into is also very nice. Some of the old school classics such as the steak tartare and seafood pasta are also worth a try.

ALARM: Mr. Lobster is on the Loose

Seafood Linguine

Prime Rib English Style

Tips: The Sunday Brunch is very nice and is the only time Bellini´s has anything similar to breakfast service. The towers of prawns and seafood make the hefty price tag worth it. Plus you won´t get a better view at breakfast time in Mexico City.

A tip to help keep the wallet intact is to just go up and ask to sit in the bar for a drink. You do not need a reservation and you will have the same incredible view.

Price Point: $$$$
$: Takeout or fast food $$: Casual sit-down $$$: Formal sit-down $$$$: La Crème de La Crème

Contact: Telephone - +52-55-9000-8305

Coming Next: Mexican Moonlight Dining Series Part II: Mexican Fine Dining with a Drink Under the Moonlit Sky!

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