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Mexican Tradition Series Part IV: El Bajío Mexican Slow Food Empire!

The Place: El Bajío: Mexican Slow Food Empire!

The Experience: Gringo G, your favorite Gringo Mexico City Foodie Blog,  has enjoyed traditional Mexican breakfasts at El Bajío for years (and an occasional dinner as well). El Bajío gives their denizens of customers one thing in spades (be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner) ... a wide, almost excessive variety of traditional Mexican Slow Food from various regions around the country.

All of the locations (more than 10 at this point), including the original location in Azcapotzalco, have bright/folkloric decoration and most importantly a very organized front of house/service operation.that helps foment a very friedly yet extremely efficient and professional restaurant experience for all of their customers. The food on offer lets customers pick Mexican regional favorites from all over the country in a single restaurant, which is not common to find in the Mexican dining scene.

At the original location everything is made fresh and from scratch from the Chicharrón (fried pig skin) which is deep fried and dried in house to the Consomé de Pollo (Chicken Broth) to the Agua de Tunas (fresh cactus fruit water). All of the dishes are prepared and presented with great care, honoring the top ingredients used to make them.

If you are looking for a nice place to eat where you can sample a very wide variety of traditional Mexican Slow Food, almost anywhere in Mexico City, check out El Bajío. 

The Location: 
Original Location: Av. Cuitláhuac 2709, almost corner with Biólogo Maximino Martínez, Azcapotzalco, Colonia Obrero Popular, DF.


El Bajío Parque Delta

"La Comadre" for more than 40 years of the El Bajío Cuitláhuac Kitchen

A Welcoming Table Setting

Fresh Corn Tortillas

Mexican Ambiance

Carnitas in Cuitláhuac


Chicharrón Frying


Chicharrón Drying


The Specials: 

The breakfasts are excellent, have a decent price point and are very popular on weekends. 

The carnitas are legendary and the original location basically only served carnitas before Carmen Titita took over and expanded the kitchen to encompass all manner of Mexican delicacies later on. The carnitas are salty balls of goodness and Gringo G, when ordering the breakfast combo of Chilaquiles Verdes with Arrachera (fried tortilla with green sauce and flank steak on top), always  asks to substitute the arrachera with carnitas ... decadent!!!

The Veracruz regional cuisine is all excellent. Carmen Titita being a native "veracruzana" should be enough to convince anyone who goes there to try out some of this food (gordas petroleras, plátanos - filled plantains, quesadilla de jaiba - fried little crab dumplings very crispy and spiced are just some examples). The variety of moles and tamales is very wide with some dishes you will not commonly find in most Mexican restaurants (gourmet tamales and "mole de olla" - a thick mole with chunks of veggies and corn, come to mind).

The HUGE Tamarind Margarita is the Gringo's favorite drink.

Chilaquiles Verdes with Carnitas

Massive Breakfast Fruit Plate

Tamal Pulacle Papanteco (with beans, pumpkin seeds, epazote herb, chile and squash)

Chicken Consommé

Tortilla Soup

Enchiladas with Mole Poblano

Mole de Olla with Pig Spine

Chicken  Breast with Mole Poblano

Chile en Nogada

Cactus Fruit (Tuna) before being made into juice

Tips: El Bajío does not accept reservations on the weekends and the wait, particularly at the mall locations can be extensive on Saturday and Sunday so be prepared for a long wait.

All of the locations are still owned by the original owners ... some of them may not be as good as the original location but they are similar in quality.

Price Point: $$ (breakfast) & $$$ (lunch and dinner)
$: Takeout or fast food $$: Casual sit-down $$$: Formal sit-down $$$$: La Crème de La Crème

Website: http://www.restauranteelbajio.com.mx/en/index.html

Contact: Telephone - Original Location: +52-5234-3763 / 5341-9889 / 5234-3765

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