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Chocolate Series: Valentine Month Part I of III: Tout Chocolat

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The Place: Tout Chocolat: DF Artesanal Chocolate Pioneers

The Experience: 
You might think from the Moulin Rouge type lights above the entrance that Tout Chocolat is a kind of burlesque in Paris, but once you step inside you soon notice that there is a lot of chocolate on sale a lot of very tantalizing chocolate.

The concept of Tout Chocolat is simple. Use the best possible chocolate, wherever that may be produced with no preference for any country or region's product, with seasonal fillings.  Speaking with Sous Chef Rodrigo Romo I was able to grasp that care and precision put into the making of every chocolate from mixing the basic ingredients to the pouring of the chocolates in the molds inside the cold room.

Also very key is the concept that the famed Chef Luis Robledo (winner of two Mexican National Chocolatier Awards) wants to make sure happens, the filling of the chocolates should never overwhelm the flavor of the chocolate covering itself but simply complement it.

Highly recommended if you want to give your loved one a wonderful little treat!

Location: Avenida Amsterdam 154, corner with Avenida Ozuluama, Colonia Hipódromo Condesa, DF.

Top Mexico Chocalatier

Chocolate Mix Demo

Shiny Chocolate Shells

Hearts Galore


Chocolate Pour

Extra Coating Chocolates

All of the chocolates are exquisite but a particularly good chocolate is the ginger/mango chocolate and the Gringo G was amazed to hear that at the end of March Tout Chocolat will launch an award winning India Pale Ale Beer Chocolate with real hops extract built into the little treats!

Tips: Tout is constantly changing their line of chocolates to fit seasonal trends but if many customers are insistent they will bring back popular hits out of season if the masses demand it! 

Also if you buy by the box you can get a great variety and you can also get tablets of specially mixed high grade chocolate blends!!

Price Point: $$$

$: Comida corrida $$: Casual $$$: Formal $$$$: La Crème de La Crème

Internet Site:

Contact: Telephone +52 55 5211 9840

Coming Up: Chocolate Series: Valentine Month Part II of III

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